Science & Business Event

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award: Where Science meets Business

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is a competition open to all researchers from universities, academic medical centers and research institutes in Amsterdam, with innovative scientific ideas and eager to turn their ideas into reality. The best idea will be awarded 10,000 euros.

Prior to the festive finale on Wednesday June 21, researchers and students will have the opportunity to present their ideas to entrepreneurs who are keen to discover more about the latest developments and innovative ideas at the Science & Business Program.

In speed dates they will introduce their latest innovations and technologies to entrepreneurs to see how these could be used in everyday life. The ideas vary from new medical devices to an online tool for psychological analysis and ideas relevant to the creative industries. All innovations will help solve a wide range of societal problems.

For researchers and students

When signing up your idea, please let us know what your thoughts are about ideal (business) partners to turn your idea into reality. Based on your idea and preferred partners, a team of experienced Business Developers will try to find interesting connections within their extended network. This will give you the great opportunity to present your idea to a selected group of entrepreneurs, societal organizations and/or investors in the early afternoon of Thursday May 26, the day of the award ceremony.

For companies, entrepreneurs and investors

Would you like to have the unique and exclusive opportunity to meet with the cream of the crop of researchers and students, and hear all about their brilliant ideas at an early stage? Then sign up for the Science & Business Program. Based on the strategy of your own company we will try to find an exclusive match with one or more of the participants.


The goal of the matchmaking event is to boost cooperation between knowledge institutes and businesses.  Last year for some researchers and companies it was a successful afternoon. For them matching was a succes and a future collaboration is close by. In 2016 22 scientists were matched with 45 companies and other organisations during the Science & Business event – not bad for one afternoon!

If you would like more information, or are interested in participating in this event, please fill out your details below and we will get in touch with you.