Ruth Zinkstok & Margriet Pol (HvA)

Margriet Pol (Ruth Zinkstok)
Margriet Pol

The development of an activity application for mood selfmanagement, the I‐ACT

The risk for relapse and the fact that being active and being involved in meaningful occupations has positive influence on the mood of clients suffering from depression, were the reasons to start a project aiming for the development of an aftercare self‐help intervention. The project was started some years ago by teachers/ researchers and students of the Faculty of Health of the HvA, in narrow collaboration with clients, occupational therapists, nurses and psychiatrists of the ward for mood disorders of the AMC ‐ University of Amsterdam. The result of the project is the I‐ACT: the Activity App for Mood Self Management, an intervention, based on behavioural activation therapy, that clients, treated for mood disorders, receive when they leave hospital and is meant to prevent them from relapse.

The I‐ACT contains about 40 “tips” that are based on interviews with clients of the AMC. They experience that these tips activate them to daily activities and prevent them to feel depressed and useless. A pilotstudy with 14 clients, divided in an intervention and a control group showed promising results. That is why the decision was made to develop an application for smartphone and tablet containing the tips for activity. The I‐ACT makes graphics of the mood and activity patterns as well. The I‐ACT asks two times a day to answer a question about your mood at that moment and one time every day the I‐ACT asks if you are satisfied by the activities you have done during that day. Moreover there is a diary function to fill in special things that have had effect on your mood or activities.

Ruth Zinkstok, docent -onderzoeker, coordinator Verdiepings- en Afstudeerprogramma 3e / 4e jaar Opleiding Ergotherapie, M.C. Pol, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Faculteit Gezondheid