Nathalie Ramona de Vent (UvA)

Nathalie Ramona de Vent
Nathalie Ramona de Vent

ANDI ‐ Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure

The Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure (ANDI) is a new web‐based platform for the analysis of neuropsychological test results to improve the diagnosis of brain trauma and brain diseases. Healthy control data that were gathered for other research projects were generously donated to ANDI by fellow neuropsychology researchers.

These donations together formed a large, “recycled” database at no additional cost to researchers, participants or society. The ANDI norms are unlike the norms that are commonly used, because the norm group is very large, diverse in terms of demographic background, and contains data on many tests. All these aspects allow application of statistical methods that have been published in recent years, but which were not easily applicable because the required normative data were not available. The ANDI database is accompanied by a user‐friendly website on which clinicians can fill out test scores and analyze their patient data.

Nathalie Ramona de Vent, Researcher, University of Amsterdam.
Joost Agelink van Rentergem , Researcher, University of Amsterdam