Monalisa Goswami & Moniek Tromp (UvA)

Monalisa Goswami (Moniek Tromp)
Moniek Tromp & Monalisa Goswami

XASPect: A bench‐top X‐Ray Absorption Spectrometer

Imagine a machine that helps you see what everything around you is made of. But because this machine is so expensive there only few of them in the world. Two limitations arise‐ a big price tag and a long waiting time. One such exclusive technique in the chemical R&D is called XAS. Each time you rent time on this machine you spend €10,000 and wait for weeks to get feedback.

As chemists we faced the same problem and ended up building a portable benchtop machine which does the same. Our team consists of Prof. Dr. Moniek Tromp (inventor and technology lead), Monalisa Goswami (PhD, Chemistry and technical sales) and Pokon Ganguli (MBA, strategist and finance lead). Located at Amsterdam Science Park we are determined to unleash the potential of this one‐of‐its‐kind machine.

Moniek Tromp (Inventor Technology Lead), Monalisa Goswami (PhD, sales and marketing), Pokon Ganguli (MBA, strategist and Finance lead)