Juultje Sommers & Marike van der Schaaf (AMC)

Marike vd Schaaf (Juultje Sommers)
Marike van der Schaaf & Juultje Sommers

First steps to recovery: The ICU Mill: a smart, simple and safe solution for rehabilitation in acute care

Recovery of walking ability is one of the most important milestones in the rehabilitation. Critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) experience a dramatic decline in walking ability resulting in longlasting dependency for daily activities, work disability and decreased quality of life. Earlier recovery of walking ability leads to earlier functional independence, hospital discharge and lower (health care and societal) costs.

We developed a transportable treadmill with weight bearing utility for rehabilitation at the bedside of patients in the ICU. In a proof of concept study we demonstrated that this novel technology is safe, facilitates ambulation, reduces staff resources and is highly appreciated by severely ill patients.

Based on this, we are convinced that the transportable BWST will have important implications for patients, hospitals and society.

We are rehabilitation professionals and researchers from the department of rehabilitation medicine of the AMC, Motekforce Link BV, and Pontes Medical AMC. This unique collaboration encloses many years of experience in rehabilitation practice, research and technologies aiming to restore and improve movement and mobility in patients with complex care needs.

Marike van der Schaaf, Researcher, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Juultje Sommers, Researcher, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam