Criteria & Regulations

All entries will be judged on their innovativeness, feasibility and fulfillment of a market need by a highly qualified jury comprising members who are all recognized professionals in their own fields and chaired by Prof. M. van Praag. The jury members are:

  • Prof. Mirjam van Praag, Chairman of the jury – Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Amsterdam and Copenhagen Business School
  • Joris Tinbergen, director of Thauris
  • Dr. Marja Zonnevylle, General Manager Gas Processing at Shell
  • Mark van Vugt, Professor of Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Oxford
  • Bram Schermers, PhD Candidate NKI-AvL and winner of 2016,┬áNKI-AvL
  • Yigal Pinto, AMC, professor department of Cardiology, co-founder of ACS Biomarker
  • Janine Huizenga, chair of the E-Culture Advisory Committee of the Creative Industries Fund Netherlands

Criteria on which your application will be evaluated

  • Innovativeness: why is your idea innovative/inspiring?
  • Societal/commercial/academic benefit: which specific problem can be solved with your idea?
  • Feasibility of idea: do you have some evidence that it will work / that society will use your application?
  • Application: which application do you envisage? Who will benefit and/or which group is prepared to use/adopt/pay (for) this idea/concept/product/service?
  • How are you going to enroll your idea and introduce it to the market? Consider partnerships and the steps necessary to turn the idea into reality. Show entrepreneurship to make it happen.

The regulations

The regulations of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award you can download here.