Hanneke Hulst (VUmc)

Hanneke Hulst
Hanneke Hulst

Science of Society (S.O.S.) Survival Toolbox

An overwhelming amount of (pseudo)scientific findings are presented to us on a daily basis via a variety of media channels. But how can someone that is not educated in science deal appropriately with this information? It is time to Save Our Soules (S.O.S) and to educate our citizens reducing the gap between science and society.

We propose to provide the S.O.S. Survival Toolbox with which we will educate high-school students to become ´independent critical thinkers´. The S.O.S. Survival Toolbox consists of science-related educational material, workshops and a lecture from a renowned scientist.

Quarterly e-learnings on science and its method will be part of the program as well as the highlight: The Science Awareness week (SAW) with scientist giving workshops at the schools. The program runs continuously from the first class till the pre-exam class (minimal 3 years of education, maximal 5 years) to guarantee long-lasting knowledge.

Hanneke Hulst, Jeroen Geurts, Quinten van Geest, Marijn Huiskamp, Piet Bouman, Benthe Westerik, Floor de Boer, Stella van het Klooster, Wietke Babelioswky, Researchers, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam