A large variety of scientific innovations

On June 21, 2017 the 12th edition of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award will be presented, led by jury president Mirjam van Praag, Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Amsterdam and Copenhagen Business School. This prize is awarded to the most innovative scientific idea of Amsterdam. There is a large variety in entries. They stem from all areas, of medical devices to psychological domains.

Amsterdam innovations

The trend of last year of an increasing number of medical device submissions is continued this year. Also the number of entries from the social sciences and humanities domain are higher than the previous years. There is an increase from economics and psychology as well as the educational domains. A large number of submissions concern apps with the goal of improving the lives of patients. The submissions are shown at: ixa.amsia.nl.

Collaboration between Amsterdam universities and research institutes

Unique aspect of the Award is that it is a collaboration between the Amsterdam universities and research institutes. Researchers and students from AMC, HvA, University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, VU University Medical Center, Inholland, NKI and Sanquin will compete for this award. The aim of the annual event is to reveal knowledge from Amsterdam universities and research centers and to bring innovations a step further to society.

Where Science meets Business

A big focus of the program is to turn the submitted ideas into reality. Therefore a matchmaking event is initiated. In the run-up to June 21, companies are approached and matched according to their discipline and strategy to the entries that may be relevant to them. On the day of the event participants and companies meet. Researchers can present their ideas, new technologies and revolutionary solutions to a large number of societal problems. And at the same time, businesses can be introduced to the latest innovations and technologies that they can use to stay ahead of the competition.

Festive Award ceremony

After the matching program, ten finalists must try to convince the jury of their idea with an elevator pitch. With the award of € 10,000, the audience award of € 2,500 or the high potential award of € 5,000 the researcher or student can develop his/her idea further. The jury consists of representatives from industry and is chaired by Prof Mirjam van Praag. In determining the winner, they pay special attention to innovation, applicability and fulfilment of a market need. The award ceremony takes place June 21 at the VU Campus.

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The writing and especially presenting the idea was a great experience.
The practice round was a learning experience and helped a lot. Just by being nominated I was mentioned in dozens of press releases and online articles

(Marte Otten, UvA, High potential Award 2016)

About Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is an annual competition for the most innovative idea resulting from scientific research, which has a social and/or commercial application. Last year over 70 researchers and students from Amsterdam’s many universities and research institutes took part. The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is organised by Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) and Gemeente Amsterdam. Partners of this event are Amsterdam Science Park and Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI).

Registration Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is open!

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Bram Schermers wins Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2016

The award for the most innovative scientific idea of Amsterdam

Bram Schermers of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek/Netherlands Cancer Institute is the winner of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2016, the annual award for the most innovative idea of all Amsterdam universities and research institutes, with his entry “MaMaLoc”. MaMaLoc is a technique for the improvement of breast cancer treatment.
The high potential award went to Marte Otten, a researcher at the University of Amsterdam for her “Feeling Thermometer”, an online application for visualization of unconscious beliefs. The Audience Award was won by Hedy Folkersma of the Academic Medical Centre for HEAD (Hydrocephalus Early Advanced Diagnostics), a device to diagnose hydrocephalus in newborns at an early stage.

MaMaLoc: a magnetic localization technique for more precise breast cancer treatment

Finding and completely removing  the tumor during breast cancer surgery is a big clinical challenge. A localization technique is indispensable in helping the surgeon to excise the right tissue, but current options are either inaccurate orcomplex.
MaMaLoc (Magnetic Marker Localization) provides an accurate and hassle-free magnetic localization marker to be used in combination with a proprietary clinical magnetic detector platformin order to guide the surgeon to the tumor. With this technique, the cosmetic outcome of the surgery and thus the quality of life is improved significantly for women with breast cancer.

Bram Schermers received the € 10.000 euro prize from jury chairman Alexander Rinnooy Kan. Bram Schermers presented his idea with such passion, that he convinced the jury that the sophisticated  technology  can really make a difference in people’s lives.
The MaMaLoc technology was developed by technical physician Bram Schermers as part of his PhD at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek/Netherlands Cancer Institute and the University of Twente. The technology was developed in close cooperation with the breast radiologists and breast surgeons who will ultimately use the technology.

High potential award: knowing what your target group thinks

The high potential award of € 5.000 was won by Marte Otten, a researcher at the University of Amsterdam for her  “Feeling Thermometer”, an online application for visualization of unconscious beliefs. “The Implicite Association Task” (IAT) is an amazing tool to chart other peoples’ mind. The IAT shows exactly what issues are preferred, through the speed with which people respond to words and pictures. “I would therefore like to make the IAT available by an online app that allows measurement of all kinds of internal associations or to test how people (unconsciously) think about products, developments in society or their fellow man “, said Otten. This app provides a major step forward for anyone who wants to know what their target audience thinks.

Audience Award: rapid diagnosis of starting hydrocephalus in newborns

Hedy Folkersma of the Academisch Medisch Centrum has won the audience award of € 5.000 for HEAD (Hydrocephalus Early Advanced Diagnostics), a device to  detect hydrocephalus at an early stage in newborns. The HEAD technique is faster and more accurate in the determination of a hydrocephalus than current techniques, because it makes use of facial scanning and creates a 3D digital reconstruction of the head. Subtle changes of the contours of the forehead can be detected, thus predicting hydrocephalus. An early and accurate diagnosis can prevent permanent brain damage.

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is the annual award for the most innovative idea with a social and / or commercial application resulting from scientific research in Amsterdam. This year is the eleventh edition of the Award and is organized by IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam) and the City of Amsterdam. Partners of the event are Amsterdam Science Park, Sanquin, CWI, NKI, Amolf and Nikhef, Rabobank and ERAC.