Hidde Bekhuis & Ben van Oeveren (VU)

Hidde Bekhuis (Ben van Oeveren)
Hidde Bekhuis

Move Metrics

Knowledge on performance is key to prevent injuries and optimise improvement. Across Europe, 90% of the 50 Million runners use electronic devices. These devices provide objective data on training behaviour and running technique, but lack personal feedback.

Move Metrics is a cloud based analytical tool to support runners to interpret their training sessions. Feedback is based on context and personal characteristics and enriched by peer2peer coaching and motivation. It is an intelligent analytical engine designed to learn and adapt to the user. The ongoing collection of running characteristics, user input and data forms an unique database that stimulates multi-disciplinary research. Innovative ideas in ICT Ben van Oeveren, Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

As an independent party Move Metrics brings new knowledge rapidly into market with a specialised team, collaborations with leading universities and companies. This platform accelerates innovation in feedback and guides runners with clear training goals to achieve the perfect balance between training load and performance, being motivated and prevent injuries.

Ben van Oeveren, Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam