Bauke Bakker (HvA)

Bauke Bakker
Bauke Bakker

SHHH – See How Households Hear

Noise Nuisance can be very frustrating, especially if you are the one who gets frustrated. Many times, complaints about too much noise end in bad relationships between the opposing parties. In some cases restaurants or bars even had to close down because of complaints. This doesn’t need to be like this always. Although in the summer and in a city like Amsterdam, where people are recreating and living right next to eachother, it is a big challenge, it is possible to handle this complex problem with subtlety.

The SHHH opens the dialogue between neighbors, bar owners, guests and bartenders. It’s a standalone plug-and-play product that is placed on a table or on a wall. It measures the sounds that’s being produced at that spot. It is calibrated on what the neighbors can hear inside their home. When a sound level is exceeded, the guests receive a notification about their noise production. At the same time, the personnel inside the bar also receives a notification. They can act accordingly. Every party in this complex problem is heared, so it will reduce frustration and bad vibes right away!


Bauke Bakker, Orlando Cabanas, Roberto Pizzato, Dion Gavriilidis, Medialab (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)