Abstracts of ideas

Are you looking for innovative ideas for your company?

Get acquainted with Amsterdams most innovative and valuable ideas at the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award. Prior to the festive award final, researchers and students present their ideas to entrepreneurs who are keen to discover more about the latest research developments and innovations. The event offers researchers, entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity for a quick meet and greet during a matching event.

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is the award for the most innovative science based idea of Amsterdam.

Below you can find short, to the point, individual descriptions of the ideas (pdf download), grouped by category. We also aggregated the ideas in other categories. Click on one of below links to download these pdfs.

  1. Innovative ideas in Education
  2. Innovative ideas in eHealth
  3. Innovative ideas in ICT
  4. Innovative ideas in Medical Devices
  5. Innovative ideas in Pharma & Biotech
  6. Innovative ideas in Sustainability, Materials and Devices
  7. Innovative ideas in Social, Culture & Sports sector

If you are interested, please attend the event by registering and letting us know which idea(s) you are interested in.


Medical Technology
  1. Respiro: a visual, audial and tactile breathing companion to help you relax – Mandy Tjew-A-Sin
  2. A tool to tailor care for type 2 diabetes – Amber van der Heijden
  3. I-ACT – Ruth Zinkstok
  4. Real-time intraoperative nerve identification using collimated polarized light imaging – Kenneth Chin
  5. Treatment of sepsis 2.0 – Robin van Bruggen
  6. HPbandage – Tomislav Suhina
  7. First steps to recovery, The ICU Mill: a smart, simple and safe solution for rehabilitation in acute car – Marike van der Schaaf 
  8. Toothbrush Robot – Martijn Rosema
  9. Smart Ambulant Monitoring of Pain – Roxane Weijenberg
  10. Blue- and dimlight treatment to prevent delirium in the ICU: a novel approach using wearable chronotherapeutics – Ysbrand van der Werf
  11. Megahertz Optical Coherence Tomography – Imran Avci
  12. Toenie – Stannise Irmana Renfurm
  13. XR4Y, bringing innovation out of the hospital and providing people with real time advice on injuries – Joran Angevaare
  14. Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure – Nathalie Ramona de Vent
  15. Tailor-made pessaries – Hein Daanen
  1. Invaluable Diary – Julia Kiseleva
  2. Someone for Everyone – Saar Mollen
  3. Online Quality Awareness – Davide Ceolin
  4. Automated jet engine inspection – Cassandra Loor
  5. Findest the R&D assistant – Roel Boekel
  6. ‘Eror proof’- big data statistical consulting focused on data veracity – Paulina Pankowska
  7. Ebb – Electronic application (app) for people with intellectual and communication disabilities – Sofie Sergeant
  8. Zazu – an artificially intelligent person assistant that schedules meetings for you – Tony Nguyen
  9. Move Metrics, Innovation in feedback – Ben van Oeveren
  10. LINKUP – Ikenna Ebuenyi
  11. Text-to-SQL, Data and Web Forms Application (TDF) – Cuneyt Parlayan
  12. Smart Home Care Platform – Roshat Bharat Das
Social Sciences and Humanities
  1. Interclass – Anna van Thiel
  2. Metabotnik – Paul Dijstelberge
  3. SAGA High Dosage Math Tutoring for At-Risk Secondary School Students – Bowen Paulle
  4. Brainfloss – Nadia Piet
  5. Queer Readings of the Hebrew Bible – Karin Hügel
  6. Science of Society (S.O.S.) – Hanneke Hulst
  7. Scientist Wanted – Amber Kerkhofs
  8. Amsterdam young adult twins: their lives 30 year later – Dorret Boomsma
  9. Vanja ljujic – Thirty Questions on Radicalization: An Augmented Reality Book
Life Sciences
  1. MDStudio – Daan Geerke
  2. Response or no response – Peter Henneman
  3. Automated federated search technology to improve evidence based healthcare – Martijn Stuiver
  4. Nicole van der Wel – Dual-action medication for Tuberculosis
Creative sector
  1. SHHH – See How Households Hear – Bauke Bakker
  2. Barataria – Ellen Maassen
  3. Many-voiced wikipedia (aka wiki of plenty, polywiki) – Irma Driessen
  4. Streetsmart cities? Streetsmart Academy! 24/7 streetwise e-education and collaboration for public professionals – Artie Nalinidevi Ramsodit
  5. NadaR – Paul Dijstelberge
  6. Trade game (working title in Dutch: Hanzebordspel) – Frank A.G. Den Butter
Beta Technical
  1. XASPect – A bench-top X-Ray Absorption Spectrometer – Monalisa Goswami
  2. Eddy Lite – Sjoerd van der Heijden
  3. Solar thermoelectric generator – Adolfo Toloza
  4. Dual mode humidity sensing – Stefania Grecea